Satellite Gamelan

The Satellite Gamelan app is used to perform Transposed Dekany, music highly suitable for workshop and/or concert performances by large student ensembles. And in the hands of seasoned players the work can be 'concert-ready' in a single 1-hour rehearsal.

Transposed Dekany won Vice-Chancellor's prize in the SpaceTime Concerto Competition  in 2012 when it was played by a consort located in several global venues interconnected via the internet. It has since been played by established consorts including traditional gamelan musicians at Bandung International Digital Arts Festival, 2013 and western-trained choristers from Melbourne's Astra Choir, 2017. And there have been performances by smaller ensembles at EuroMicroFest, Freiburg, 2013 and International Conference on Auditory Display, Canberra, 2016.


If you direct a large ensemble - from any musical background or place on the globe - and  need to use the app for a workshop or concert, feel free to contact me. The Satellite Gamelan app is available via TestFlight for musicians like yours to use, freely and without obligation.


Greg Schiemer, composer and instrument designer