The App

The Satellite Gamelan is a mobile phone app designed as a set of hand-held instruments to be played by a large consort of up to 80 musicians. The app is used to perform music in any concert venue with the reverberant acoustics necessary to project the sound of multiple hand-held instruments.




The instruments are easy to play and quick to learn and enable musicians to experience what it is like to play concert music in a tuning system based on pure harmonics. Each instrument is tuned to a 10-note scale with recognisable pitches that are not available in standard 12-tone equal tempered tuning. And every instrument in the consort is tuned to play the scale in a different register.


Players using the app literally handle some of the first software instruments created by computer music pioneer and composer Jean-Claude Risset, as they perform concert music using a 10-note scale created by contemporary tuning theorist and instrument-builder, Erv Wilson.